Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?

I'm back, but don't get your hopes up..... it won't last. In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't been on the blogoshpere since January, not even on my own blog, so what brings me back now? I couldn't tell ya. I ended up here in a round about way. The last couple of weeks I'd been thinking about a girl I used to teach in Y.W.'s who's pregnant with twins so I thought I'd check out her blog to see what's up and then I checked on another friend & another one & after checking out a few more blogs I remembered I had one so I took a peek & wanted to puke ~ it STUNK! I just really needed to get something on it that said...... August or summer or anything other than B.O., if you get my drift (haha, sorry, I couldn't let that one pass).

Okay, you probably noticed I'm a little loopy it's 1:00am which is very Atypical for me. I am NOT a night owl. Once 10:00pm hits then my brain turns to mush, my blood almost stops pulsing through my veins & my feet turn to ice ~even in August~, & my eyes battle their lids to look at one last picture in whatever decorating magazine I'm holding. The lids win about 99% of the time. But not tonight. Atypical. Hmmm. Maybe I have too much on my mushy mind. Maybe we were supposed to be closing on the sale of our house & the purchase of our new house in 10 days. Maybe the peeps who wanted to buy our cute house so badly that they put earnest money down and made an offer an hour after they walked through it 3 weeks ago, didn't get approved for their loan today. Maybe that means we won't be moving in 10 days even though we're pre-approved & locked in with a good interest rate & are pretty much ready to move. Maybe that means I have to go crazy once again trying to keep my house spotless with 4 kids home on summer break & be ready to leave at a moments notice for showings. Maybe I'm a little bitter. Maybe I'm having a bad dream & I'll wake up in the morning & everything will still be back on track & ready to close in a week & a half. Maybe I'm just a really grumpy, glass half empty sort of a person at 1:30 in the a.m. Or maybe this isn't what was supposed to happen & something better is going to happen. I better get to bed. No matter which reality I wake up to in the morning I'm sure it'll be better than the one I'm in right now. It's amazing how things don't usually seem so bad in the morning....... after you sleep.

BTW..... my friend who was preggers with the twins had her baby girls 2 months ago. I knew you would want to know. It looks like they are all doing beautifully, those babies are precious & I couldn't be happier for them. I'm totally baby hungry now.... I really better get some sleep. Good night